January 16th, 2011

Rabbit News

Shally and Tosh have been fighting for command of the warren. Rabbit wars are intense and scrabbly and generate lots of flying fluff. Tosh was bleeding all down Ailz's nightdress yesterday morning, so we've put a fence across the middle of the room with Tosh on one side and the two does on the other. There are ways of making rabbits be friends. One is to confine them together in a small, neutral space- a bathroom for instance- and stand guard with a squirt gun to shoot them if they start rucking-and carry on until they're huddling together for comfort.  I'd rather not take that route.

If the object was to liven up Tosh's existence after the death of his companion, we've succeeded. The bleeding was from a ripped out claw. He seems a whole lot better this morning. 

Shally and Shaz are still little more than babies, clumsy and lollopy, with feet too big for the rest of their bodies. They spend their waking lives exploring and haven't yet got the hang of what litter trays are for. They don't particularly like being touched- few rabbits do- but if I sit on the floor they'll come over and check me out. This morning Shally tried to eat a silver ring off my finger.