January 15th, 2011

Living With Disability

Ever since the stair lift broke Ailz has been living mainly upstairs. That's not a huge change. She was mostly living upstairs before the lift broke. The difference now is she's doing it because she has to, not from choice.

She can manage to climb the stairs, but she doesn't want to be doing it too often. There are three rooms upstairs for her to hang out in- the bedroom, the back bedroom and the rabbit room. She passes her time online, reading, doing cross-stitch. When a lady from O.T. visited us the day before yesterday, she was sitting with her cross-stitch in the rabbit room. We're used to how grungey it is, but the O.T. lady was taken aback. I think she went away believing we live in hideous squalor- and mostly we don't. Mostly. 

The O.T. lady was here to assess us for a new stair lift. The lift broke down in November and it's only now that anything is being done about it. Yes, Christmas intervened. Yes, the public sector is in disarray over Coalition cuts. Yes, I do understand.

They've given us a commode so Ailz can spend longer downstairs if she wants to. Very nice of them, but we have our pride- and I can't see it getting used very much.