January 6th, 2011

Things That Have Been Happening

The day before yesterday we got about an inch of snow. It didn't hang around.

Yesterday we had sleety rain. In the morning I went for my yearly medical check-up. The nurse took my blood pressure and a couple of blood samples and we talked about my general state of health. I get the impression she thinks I'm in reasonably good shape. I've been taking aspirin once a day and she told me the doctor's advice is to drop it; she wasn't sure why. I walked to the medical centre and walked back- which is the most exercise I've had in a couple of months. In the evening I took down the Christmas tree.

The electricity had been flickering all afternoon. At around 10.30 we had a power cut, so I lit a candle and went to bed. The cuts continued through the night- and every time the power went off or came on again it triggered a couple of nearby house alarms.