Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Ignoring Expert Advice

This is the third in a sequence of very hot days- and forecasters are expecting it to turn into the hottest ever recorded in the UK. As someone who- as a kid- was fascinated by The Guinness Book of Records* I find this kinda groovy.

There was a doctor on TV yesterday evening saying that we should deal with these very high temperatures by doing as they do in Mediterranean countries- and pull down all the shutters. This goes clean against my instinct- which is to open everything that can be opened- windows, doors, the lot. I'm sure he's right and I'm wrong but I have a bit of a fixation on fresh air and mean to persist in my folly.

*I was surprised to find it's still in print. My granddaughter has an up to date copy. She loves it.
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