December 22nd, 2010

Vince Cable

Silly old man trying to look good in front of a couple of encouraging young women. They flatter his vanity and lead him on. It's a honeytrap without the sex.

I'd have fallen for it too. Like Vince I'm the kind of senex who wants to be down with the kids. If you really, really wanted to hurt me you'd call me a sell-out.  I value the shreds of my youthful attitudes more than I value my dignity.

I like Vince all the more for knowing he's this sort of man. Power embarrasses him. He hates the loss of freedom it entails. 

First he squirms over tuition fees. Then he spills his heart to the girls from the Telegraph.

How odd that a man should be undone by his own decency. We want our politicians to be human and real and warm, but when they act that way we call them twits.  

And with reason. If Vince had hidden his true feelings, he could have stopped Murdoch. By blabbing them he's made it much more likely that Murdoch will win.  

If you want to wield power in modern Britain you have to boiler-plate your soul. We complain about our leaders being absolute bastards but if they're not absolute bastards we tear them apart.

Poor Vince: he's too weak/too good for the job.