December 14th, 2010

News Trivia

Jeremy Hunt- the Culture Minister- was complaining the other day about left-wing bias at the BBC. I've been thinking recently- mainly in relation to the reporting of the student protests- that the BBC has been bending overmuch towards the right. This is good, isn't it? If both extremes think the BBC is prejudiced against them then the BBC must be doing exactly what it's supposed to do and steering a course straight down the middle.

Hunt is the one whose name James Naughtie committed a spoonerism on. I guess he's smarting from that.

I've learned that Charlie Gilmour, the silly young toff who swung on the flag, is an old boy of my school- Lancing College. I'll bet they don't mention that in any of the glossy magazines they send me. 

Week Eight, Day Two

The step lift at the front of the house has gone. What I'd really like to do with the bay it sat in is fill it with soil and reinstate the flowerbed that used to be there, but this would involve building a retaining wall and we don't have the money. Something has been done to the tiles on the front of the house- I'm not sure what because they look exactly as they did before- but it involved the erection of scaffolding; perhaps they're cleaner. The burglar alarm is in working order.

Armadale: Wilkie Collins

I thought this was going to be a very silly book, but in the end it wasn't. It has melodrama, social comedy, a collection of striking and memorable characters and the most sympathetic murderess in Victorian fiction. Contemporaries found it immoral. You bet it is. Collins was a proto-feminist and hated middle-class morality.  His relish for criminal psychology is such that I kept wondering whether Dostoevsky had read him.