December 9th, 2010

Tuition Fees

My take on the financial crisis is we should be going after the people who caused it- which is mainly the bankers. The government's idea is that they should go after the people who had least to do with it- like the students (who were children when the bad stuff was happening) and the disabled- and anybody else who is unlikely to put up much of a fight.

They were wrong about the students not putting up much of a fight.

In the run up to the election the Lib Dem leadership pledged to oppose an increase in tuition fees.  They made a big deal of it. Now in government they're supporting the increase. There are all sorts of real-politikal ways of obfuscating the issue, but the fact is a promise was made and a promise has been broken. Nick Clegg and Vince Cable  will go down in history (if history bothers to remember them) as weasels. Most of us who voted for them voted for them on the grounds that of the fly-blown goods on offer they were the ones who looked least like Tories. Ha!

Week Seven, Day Four

The joiner made two attempts at the sink unit, got it wrong both times, then called in sick. His replacement reckons the kitchen is a three day job; by the time it's finished it will have consumed at least a week.

If Peter and Ailz weren't standing behind me I'd sign off on the mistakes. I'm past caring. I just want my house back.


I was feeling quite down about one thing and another.  Then I turned on the TV and learned that a protester had thrown a pot of paint at Charles and Camilla's Bentley and it cheered me up no end.