December 5th, 2010


We have a lot of drinking glasses. When I was packing up the kitchen I found loads of them lodged in the backs of cupboards. I should have counted. I'll bet we own 30 or 40. For the past six weeks we've been managing perfectly well with with 2.

That's modern living for you. We pad ourselves round with wholly unnecessary objects. Ailz is in the front room now sorting through some of them- with a view to getting rid. She's just drawn my attention to a box of confetti left over from our wedding. I believe it's gone in the pile of things we no longer need.

I'm terrible; I'm a horder; things like that box of confetti I hang onto for purely sentimental reasons. There are objects I hate- ornaments mainly- that I keep for fear of hurting their feelings.  And then there are all the things that may come in useful sometime- kitchen things for example. Here I point the finger at Ailz. She loves gadgets and never saw a labour-saving device she didn't think was cool. I could care less. I use the same few pots and pans and wooden spoons over and over and over again- and since I'm the one who does most of the cooking- all those crock pots and rice-cookers and George Foreman grills are so much waste of space.

I'm going to join her now. I need to steel myself.