November 30th, 2010

Snow- At Last

The light coming through our inadequately shaded windows last night was a brighter orange than usual. When I got up I found it was being reflected off snow.  At a rough estimate I'd say we've had five inches. Most of the rest of the country has- of course- been snowbound for days.

As someone I was listening to yesterday said, "it may not be global warming, but it's certainly climate change." 

No More Secrets

In the past the keeping of secrets was a relatively straightforward affair. Now neither the citizen nor the state can be sure of keeping anything under wraps. That's the real significance of the spate of documents coming out of Wikileaks. The Individual revelations are mostly footling, what is entirely new is the sheer volume of them. Before the digital age it would have been impossible to smuggle this amount of 
material past its keepers- and, besides, it wouldn't all have been stored in one place.

The old rules, the the old ways of doing things no longer apply. As individuals we're alive to this, but  the state, that hidebound behemoth, is very slow to catch on.

Slow Progress

If a house is a machine for living then this house is a machine that's busted. The only running water is in the bathroom and the only cooking facilities are in the back living room.

The joiner has been here all day. I think he may have finished in the front living room, but I can't be sure because he left before I could ask him. The kitchen is so full of packaged kitchen units that I can't use the back door.

They're showing old John Wayne movies in the afternoons- not very good John Wayne movies. Yesterday it was The Undefeated- in which his co-star is Rock Hudson of all people. Rock Hudson with shoulder-length hair and a moustache looks like a beefier Keanu Reeves. Today it was some nonsense about a lost city co-starring Sophia Loren.  

The man from the stair-lift company rang to say he was coming to measure us up for a new track. He then rang again to say he was stuck in snow on a back street in Rochdale.