November 26th, 2010

Not Snowbound- Yet

We don't have curtains in the bedroom. Instead we have clothes racks on wheels. When I withdrew one this morning I was a little disappointed not to see a thick blanketing of snow. Actually I should be glad. The workmen have to drive down from Burnley and we don't want them being trapped there.

One useful thing I've discovered these past weeks is you really don't need a fridge during an English winter.  If your kitchen is unheated- as ours is- anything you leave lying around on the tops will keep fresh. 

I'm reading Wilkie Collins' Armadale. It's gripping and preposterous. 

Progress Report

I am sitting in the back room surrounded by piles of bric-a-brac. The front room has been cleared of all its furniture and the joiner has started laying the new floor. The kitchen is an empty shell. The plasterer has been plastering.

We couldn't go shopping this week- because of Ailz's knee- so we've ordered a delivery from Sainsburys. It should be delivered between seven and eight.

Whitehall, Nov 24

This is footage of the student demonstration in Whitehall on November 24. Police horses were used- and at one point we see what looks like a cavalry charge. As I wrote in steepholm 's LJ,  the British state is waging war on its young people.