November 24th, 2010

A Little Incapacitated.

We're a little incapacitated right now. Ailz hurt her knee and the stair lift has broken down- with the consequence that she'll be spending most of the next few days upstairs. She's certainly not fit to drive. This hasn't prevented her mother from coming on first thing and trying to wheedle her into running errands for her- and going on and on and on about it in "poor me" mode.

We have told her parents- repeatedly- that they're not to regard Ailz as their chauffeur-cum-personal assistant, but they don't seem to have heard.

Her father may be going home today. When he does he'll be taking oxygen with him- for his "panic attacks".

It's a frosty morning. We have a plasterer in, plus Khalid and his son- and now I'm going to walk to the shops.