November 23rd, 2010

Raw Data

There were no workmen on site yesterday. We went to the storage facility and brought home more books. In the evening my father-in-law went into hospital, but there's really nothing they can do for him so he'll probably be discharged today. Last night I dreamed I was conducting a door to door survey on homosexuality for the Church of England.


I don't like my father-in-law. I find it hard to be polite to him or even sit in the same room. There are reasons for this, some of which must- in the nature of things- reflect discredit on me. I've written about all this in the past and I don't want to go over it again.  Some people- all of them as far as I can see people of his own generation- find him a thoroughly decent bloke. I think the antipathy is probably deeper than the facts of the case warrant. Even if I knew nothing to his discredit I wouldn't want to be around him. Call it a magnetic repulsion.

He's been in failing health for several years now- and Ailz and I are the ones who have to deal with it day in, day out.  It would be nice if I felt something other than annoyance.

My Doorstep Meeting With Elwyn Watkins

In the middle of a day full of comings and goings and biffings and bangings Elwyn Watkins- the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate- turned up on the doorstep. I told him I'd voted for him in the General Election but wouldn't vote for him again on account of his party being in Coalition with the Tories. He said he was hearing that a lot, but I might like to  consider that I'd be electing a constituency MP not a government in the by-election and he believed he'd proved himself to be "a scrapper". Finally we bonded over our shared distaste for the contemptible, race-card-playing Phil Woolas .