November 22nd, 2010

On The Mend

The house is on the mend - it has windows, it has electricity- but hardly any of the jobs are finished. The kitchen is half a kitchen- with cooking facilities but no sink. Yesterday we did one or two things to cheer the place up. Ailz found the curtain hooks (in a bag of allsorts I was sure I'd searched) and I re-hung the curtains in the back-room. Also we stopped by the storage facility and picked up a load of books which I've returned to their shelves- and a picture which I've rehung on the wall.

Against Dylan Thomas

Actually I disagree with Dylan Thomas. Old people who rage against the dying of the light are a pain. Especially if it's not so much raging as whining. When a person past eighty goes all "why me?" about their failing health my over-riding feeling is that they're letting the side down. Come on, you old bastard, this is part of the test. What is required of you now is dignity. You knew it was coming, you've had plenty of time to prepare for it, so pull yourself together and set us a good example.