November 20th, 2010

The So-Called Recession

I was a little surprised at how chipper George Osborne seemed to be about chucking 8 billion in the direction of the Irish banks. I thought there was a squeeze on and we had to save every last penny. 

But then Lord Young explained the situation. What we're suffering is only a "so-called recession" and most people "have never had it so good". Ah, so Cameron's inner circle aren't nearly as worried about the economy as they'd like us to think they are.

They see the recession as a blip; it's manageable- and there's cash down the back of the sofa for the things they really want to do- like helping out their enterprising friends. The crisis talk is to soften up the rest of us for a set of cruel and destructive policies- throwing public servants out of work, dismantling the welfare state, harrassing the weak-  that are a matter of choice, not necessity.