November 17th, 2010

Today We Have The Joiners In

 When I was a kid I used to sleep under a sloping roof with a few inches of plasterboard and tiling between me and the open sky. It was  bloody cold- much as it has been in our house these past few days and nights.

The new bedroom windows are held in place by chewing gum. Last night there was a bit of a wind and they creaked like a ship in a gale. There's nowhere to hang curtains or blinds so we blocked out the light by wheeling a couple of clothes racks in front of them. 

Ophelia Field says the British national character- and our ideas of what it means to be gentlemanly and ladylike- were first formulated by Addison and Steele in The Spectator. I haven't read The Spectator; I don't suppose many my age and younger have. Addison was a little chilly, but Field is clearly fond of Dick Steele- who was a rackety, hapless man who seems to have tried very hard to be good.

We have joiners here this morning. They're putting a false ceiling in the kitchen. 

Grinning And Bearing

We end the day with power everywhere except in the kitchen. The joiners have put in the framework for the false kitchen ceiling, but the leaking pipe has stopped them from putting the boards up. They've also begun work on the false ceiling in the bathroom. The leak gets worse and I'll be turning the water off at the main when I go to bed this evening. Peter rang Mohammed and had him promise that a plumber would be in attendance tomorrow morning. 

There have been times today when- if I hadn't been holding myself severely in check - I might have become a little peevish. The joiner- a soft-spoken older man who wants to sell me a flat screen monitor for the computer (one careful owner, very cheap)- says he doesn't know how I'm coping with all the shit.