November 15th, 2010

Joss Sticks And Glue

The girl ahead of me in Rumblin' Tums bought up their whole stock of oven bottoms- bar four. The guy behind me wanted oven bottoms too, so I said I'd toss him for them- and won. The girl behind the counter had to remind me that I also needed to pay.

The guys who are doing the windows arrived early and have been having a territorial dispute with Khalid who- as always- arrived late. I'm burning joss sticks to cover the smell of  glue.

The Electricians: Day 12

Khalid and his crew have been here, but it's the window boys who took centre stage. At the end of the day we have power everywhere- except in the kitchen- and four new windows have been fitted, plus the kitchen doors.  It's been a bright, sunny day- and perishingly cold.

A right-wing LJ friend who assured me that our political differences would never come between us has unfriended me- presumably over my Afghanistan poems. I'm a little disappointed.

 I'm reading Ophelia Field's history of The Kit Kat Club.

Tomorrow is Eid. The window boys will be coming in, but Khalid is having the day off; he's earned it.

The Difference

Here's the difference. You think love of country means "my country right or wrong", whereas I think it means holding my country to a high standard and objecting when it does something stupid or mean.