November 6th, 2010

Einstein In Love

Einstein was a bit of a klutz when it came to his personal life- but aren't we all? There was a first marriage that eventually ran into the sand, a daughter born out of wedlock who is untraceable (she probably died in infancy) and a second marriage to a cousin. Later- I gather though I haven't got that far in the record- there were carryings-on. His love letters- where they have survived- are as toe-curlingly embarrassing as anybody else's. 

He was a goodish father and a loyal friend.

The Electricians: Day 5

This should have been a rest day, but the job is taking so much longer than expected that Khalid came in this morning- without his team- and worked till mid-afternoon.  This evening he's off to London for a wedding.  We still don't have lights upstairs, but we're a few steps nearer.