September 26th, 2010

The Forest Chapel

It's a measure of how isolated this part of Cheshire (the Macclesfield Forest) once was that they didn't start building churches here until the late 17th century. This is the Forest Chapel, founded in 1673- rebuilt by the Victorians. Just down the road is Wildboarclough where, according to legend, John of Gaunt killed the last boar in England.

This is the view from the churchyard, looking south east. 

Ed Miliband

I don't know much about Ed Miliband. I think he got the job because he wasn't Blair's candidate and he wasn't Brown's candidate. People inside the political arena (MPs, party members) don't seem to appreciate just how much those two gentlemen- and their tribes- are detested in the country at large. Roy Hattersley, in an article published this morning, acknowledges that one of the reasons he backed Ed is that "he looks and sounds like a human being".