September 25th, 2010


Thursbitch is a novel by Alan Garner. It's also a place- an isolated valley in the Cheshire Peak district - with a ruined farmhouse in it- and one or two other things. It has an evil reputation. Thursbitch is old English and means Valley of the Demon.  I walked in there this afternoon. 

There are a lot of monoliths lying around- some of them built into walls or re-used as gateposts. A number seem to have been carved to look like phalluses. They could possibly be neolithic.

To find out more about the mythos read this fascinating article- and to find out even more read the book.

As I left the valley a heron rose from the stream below me and wheeled off overhead.

This church- Jenkin Chapel- built in 1733- also features in the bookl.

And so does this stone, which marks the death, by exposure, of the jagger (or pedlar) John Turner.

On one side it reads: Here John Turner was cast away in a heavy snow storm in the night in or about the year 1756


On the other side it reads: The print of a woman's shoe was found by his side in the snow where he lay dead.