September 8th, 2010


Peter is applying for a license as a security guard. He sent round his wife and kids with a form and photographs he needed me to sign. Odi was in a foul mood, so we fed her chocolate.

We were up early this morning to take my father-in-law to be x-rayed. I was cross that he and her mother had laid this on Ailz when they know she's in the middle of a flare-up, but I tried not to show it. 

I keep adding to my gallery at wikimedia commons. It currently contains 309 photos.

Those Damn Buttons

Numbers of my friends seem to be abandoning LJ- upping sticks and moving elsewhere. For many it seems those damn buttons that link us to Facebook and Twitter were the final straw. Silly old LJ, for doing that!  I mean, did they consult with anyone beforehand? Me, I've always been careful never to put anything here that I wouldn't be happy to see published with my name attached, so you can link me to Facebook as much as you like, and I won't care. Not that any of you would.

I'm sad about what's happening, but I've got a lot invested here, I like the company- what's left of it- and I'm not moving.