August 3rd, 2010

Rats And Bats

Odi was round here yesterday afternoon cooking her tea on our stove. Her own stove- supplied by the Home Office- had packed up. This is the fourth she's had . The Home Office buys secondhand- to save money, of course- but four dodgy secondhand cookers at £100+ each will have cost them twice as much as one cheap new cooker with a warranty. When the repairman took the latest casualty apart he found a long dead rat in the circuitry.

The Home Office says it will supply her with a new one (cooker, not rat- but then one never knows) by the end of the week.

Fabi took a fancy to our waste food caddy and was dragging it round the yard and kitchen like it was a horse on wheels. Well, it has handles so that's clearly what it's for. He can throw and kick a ball with some accuracy now and I was trying to teach him to hit it with a stick- like a batsman. When he's a little older I'll buy him a set of cricket things.

The BBC Is Doing Rather Well At The Moment

I like Sherlock. It's got panache. It's exciting, funny, clever and made with loving respect for the source material.  Comberbatch and Freeman are terrific.

I also like Rev- which ended its run last night with a episode of Graham Greeneish intensity- in which our hero- never ceasing to be amusing- turned into a whisky priest and was saved by a dying woman. At the end I found myself saying "Gosh" to no-one in particular- maybe to God. Tom Hollander and the rest of the cast are terrific.

So that's two new BBC shows  I really, really like. Does this represent some kind of mini-renaissance?