July 31st, 2010

The Masters Of War Have Been Embarrassed. Aw Shucks.

The US Secretary of Defence has said Wikileaks has blood on its hands. As if he doesn't. Bah!

Everybody who pays attention to the news behind The News knows the Afghan war is going badly: Trying to keep the Taliban at bay is like trying to stop the tide with a mop, civilians have been carelessly murdered, the Masters of War have been lying to us. Nothing unusual in any of this. War is hell.  All that Wikileaks has done is document the bleeding obvious.

The US Secretary of Defence is not our friend.

The BBC were interviewing a group of Afghan men in a market temporarily protected by the Brits. Asked who they wanted to see win they all said, "the Taliban". This wasn't an expression of ideological conviction. They're not stupid, they can see how things are going and they don't want their names showing up on some death list. Also they just want the war to end.

Slow Connection

This morning my connection was really slow. I'd hit a key, do some dusting- and return five minutes later to find the wheels still spinning round. It took me several hours to assemble the previous post. In the end I switched the computer off at the wall, switched back on again- and everything was fine- except that the post had dissipated in the aether and I had to write it again from memory.