July 15th, 2010

At Last

We got our thunderstorm yesterday evening. I've been expecting it for weeks. After the first muted flash and long delayed rumble I went into the front room and pulled up a chair and watched it roll by, east to west.  There were four or five lightning bolts like spidery handwriting and a few minutes of very hard rain.

An Attempt At Censorship

The Prime Minister- in an uncharacteristic fit of authoritarianism (but perhaps there are more on the way)- asked Facebook to take down its Raoul Moat tribute sites. Facebook, I'm happy to say, replied, "No can do," with the unwritten sub-text, "Who the hell do you think you are?"

The Moat affair has revealed (as if we didn't know) that there are a lot of alienated people in our society who hate all authority and especially the police. We may be deeply upset that they feel that way, but shutting down their forum is hardly going to make them change their minds.