July 10th, 2010

Ringo At 70

Ringo turned 70 the other day.

He was on TV last night, talking about his part in John Lennon's famously stripped back Plastic Ono Band album. Apparently it was just  him and Klaus Voorman and John in the recording studio of John's house, with Yoko drifting by every so often to make those sounds of hers (I'm not dissing Yoko. I think she's fab) and Phil Spektor dropping in a couple of times and doing very little. He was characteristically modest about his contribution, which was to "hold it down" while John went off on his travels. Someone else- I forget who- said all the big time rock drummers revere Ringo on account of his "taste". He doesn't impose himself, he doesn't show off,  he just serves the music. 

I like Ringo. He's deep. There's a good reason why it was him- and not some rockgod clown- in that band with those three amazing talents.