July 9th, 2010

The People's Outlaw

Raoul Moat (allegedly) shot three people- two of whom were unsuspecting and defenceless. This should alienate all sympathy from him- but it won't because the rest of the story- the declaration of war on the police, the taking to the hills, the sending in of an army (complete with armoured cars) is just so gripping- so archetypal. We see one man against hundreds, Robin against the sherrif, a fox evading the hounds- and we can't help ourselves. Raoul Moat is an immature, self-dramatising narcissist- but so was every heroic outlaw in history.

I'll bet there are already books being written, films being scripted...


Renee is gradually- oh so gradually- clearing her house with a view to moving in with her new fella. The other day we benefited to the tune of three straggly house plants. Today we received a little stack of framed postcards.

We've been neighbours for nearly twenty five years and I think I've been in her house twice. Once when she was ill and I called her an ambulance,  a second time when she needed a light bulb changing.  For years she was afraid of us because we were witches.

I lent her the electric clippers at the weekend so she and the fella could trim back the backyard and for that I scored a couple of cuttings from her fuschia.