July 4th, 2010

I Have Been Delighted Long Enough

I watched the Paris Open, then Queens, then Wimbledon- and that's really enough tennis for the year. Plink plonk, plink plonk. Even when you're watching players of genius- like Federer and Nadal- it gets kinda samey after a while.

My heart goes out to the players. They have to do this all the time; endlessly circling the globe like dishes in a sushi joint. They must find it hard to maintain their enthusiasm, their hunger, their edge.

The Williams sisters have it right. They don't plod the circuit any more- but swoop down like fabulous birds only when they spot a piece of silverware they fancy. That's the way to do it, that's the way to stay fresh.

But not a strategy open to people lower down the food chain. For them it's a job of work. No show, no pay- and a humbling tumble down the international ratings. I can imagine some of them must end up hating what they do.