June 23rd, 2010


I haven't seen the robins recently.  The young one got into the house a few days back- in at the open back door-  and fluttered its way upstairs. I found it almost straight away- because it was peeping like a homing device- and helped it to an open window- but my fear is the shock may have killed it.  Birds are such delicate mechanisms.

Ah, I just caught a flutter of wings out of the corner of my eye- and there's the male robin sitting in the holly bush. Oh, good!

Otherwise I've noticed a tit hanging around - a great tit, I think- and this morning there were a couple of what I think were sparrows dodging into the shrubbery (only I didn't have my glasses on).

Isner v Mahut

I started watching Isener v Mahut at tea-time. They'd already been playing a very long time. Since then every relevant record has tumbled. Mahut is bouncing round the court like a little elf and Isner is lumbering and swaying but still hitting the necessary winners. Extraordinary.

And now play has been suspended for bad light at 59 all in the final set. They'll be back tomorrow.