May 29th, 2010

As Usual

So here they come, the first scandals of the coalition. Number one: some silly spat with the BBC over the composition of a discussion panel. Number two: the revelation that the chief secretary to the treasury has been funneling public money to his lover in breach of parliamentary rules. Not big scandals either of them- but enough to signal that the rainbow has faded from the rose garden.

And then- not scandalous exactly, just dispiriting- is the announcement of the names of the deadlegs who are being kicked up to the House of Lords, there to reign over us, happy and glorious. It demonstrates- yet again- that no matter how disgusted the British people may be with your ugly, compromised mug- John Prescott, Ian Paisley, Ian Blair- your fellow establishmentistas can be trusted to see you right. I'm a fan of the House of Lords- sort of-  because of the very many occasions on which it has saved us from horrible, ill-thought-out legislation- but this is absolutely not the way to fill up its benches.

Cold Blood

I'm all for referencing the old shows, but what's the point of reviving "classic" monsters when they're neither scary nor even particularly interesting? Poor old Chibnall drew the short straw I think.  If it had been me I'd have gone, "Oh no, not Silurians! Can't you give them to Gatiss?"

It was a very preachy episode. The Doctor was very preachy. I don't mind stories having morals, but I prefer them not to be heavily underlined and followed by exclamation marks.

Who is often stupid and crass and formulaic but it's very rarely as dull as this.

But I did like the ending.