May 28th, 2010

Not A Good Night

We were woken around 1.30 by a thunder storm. It came with hail attached. Ailz  went downstairs and made herself a cup of coffee. At 3.00 I went and fetched her.  She was sitting in front of the computer reading the Daily Mail. She said she'd have come back sooner only she couldn't face the stairs in the dark. I said that's why we have a stair lift. She said she hadn't wanted to wake me up. I said not to worry about that. At 4.45 I got up and made myself a cup of tea.  Ailz asked why it was OK for me to be up when she had to stay in bed. I said she could get up if she wanted to. She said she'd rather not. I  sat at the computer and read LJ. At 5.15 I went back to bed. At 8.15  the postman knocked with a parcel that needed to be signed for. As I took it off him I realised I was wearing a nightshirt that opens up the front with nothing underneath.