May 23rd, 2010

Suddenly Summer

The temperature has gone roaring up. I've been routinely wearing an undershirt, a shirt and a jacket- plus fingerless gloves.  Yesterday I was wearing a tee shirt.

Odi rang mid-morning to say she was coming round to fix us lunch. She and Peter put together what they call a soup and I call a stew- with chicken, chickpeas and tomatoes- and so much rice there's half a pan of it left over. I opened a bottle of Ned Kelly Shiraz. I offered to put chairs in the yard, but Peter (this guy is from Cameroon, remember?) said it was too hot to sit out.

Fabi is 19 months old now. His idea of a good game is taking the bottles out of the spice rack- one by one- and throwing them in the laundry bin.

Losing Interest

I didn't blog last week's Who for the adequate reason (as I told myself) that I was getting Ailz to hospital at the time it aired. I watched it later- on the BBC i-player- and, yes, I liked it.

But I'm afraid there's a deeper underlying reason- and it's this- that I'm gradually losing interest. Matt Smith is lovely- everybody's favourite fairy uncle- and Amy and Rory are a couple of bright, funny sitcom kids, but I don't care about them in the least- and if Amy never surfaces from her current imprisonment underground I'll be able to support it manfully. RTD, whatever his faults, turned the show into one that adults could watch with interest- and he did it by making the relationships matter. Smith's Doctor and his current companions are just room-mates. Nothing wrong with that, but if I'm to care for them- and so care about their adventures-  they've first got to demonstrate they care for one another. And, yes, they do go through the motions,  but there's no depth to it- no chemistry.

This weeks episode revived a Pertwee era monster. In fact the whole thing felt very Pertwee era. Here's another thing I crave from the show- surprises; and Pertwee era monsters are not surprising.  Neither, incidentally, are daleks or cybermen. Moffat's shows have been consistently entertaining,  but I'm still waiting for the killer episode that'll make me fall in love.