May 18th, 2010

Hanging Out

There's a two and a half hour gap between the two visiting sessions- and it doesn't seem worth getting on a bus to come home only to turn round and catch one right back- so I've been hanging out in and around the hospital. Yesterday I went to Tesco's just down the road, did some light shopping and had a cup of tea and a doughnut in their cafe. Then I went and sat in the hospital's fountain court- in the sun- and did a crossword puzzle.

The Royal Oldham Hospital is huge. Wandering round it, out of visiting hours, you see very few people. It's like a very quiet village. Over the years I've got to know it well.

Ailz goes for a scan this morning. She rang earlier- and they were in the process of taking the canula out of her arm. I don't think they'll be keeping her much longer.