May 17th, 2010

Ooh, But This Is Bracing

Ailz just rang me all upset because she'd been talking to her father.  Did he ask her how she was? Apparently not. Did she get to know how he was?  Oh yes- and how!  He was in tears, barely able to speak- and his legs have swollen up- and now she's in a spin about how she's making him ill. Her mother is in a spin too (you can tell by how dithery she's become). I'm furious (well, calming down a bit now) but as I said to Ailz, I'm her next of kin and if I can hold it together, her bloody father can.

He's done this to her all her life,  the selfish, controlling, old pantaloon. You can't suffer in that family without him suffering more. "Don't upset, your father, Aileen, you'll give him a headache." And now, of course- now that he's really ill- whenever someone takes the spotlight off him he can scare them out of it by threatening to die.  It's amazing what power there is in weakness!

Otherwise,  it's looking like Ailz's trouble is being caused by adhesions left over from the surgery she had in 2005. She moved funny and tore or twisted one of them- something like that.  She's scheduled for an ultrasound scan, but it probably won't happen today because of the waiting list.