May 13th, 2010

Rainbows And Roses

The handover of power was a subfusc affair, but now it's all rainbows and roses.  Clegg and Cameron smile and banter and invade one another's personal space as if they were lovers. Did Cameron just refer to his new government as Liberal-Conservative? Yes, indeed he did. I think he revealed a bit of his soul there. Cameron has worked very hard to distance himself from the whole knights of the shire side of conservatism. He wants to be cool- and I think he's secretly thrilled to have the undeniably cool Nick Clegg take him to his bosom. Is he, then, a little in love with Nick? Yes, I believe he is; the body language doesn't lie.

OK, it won't last. Bad  things will happen. But there's a Freedom Bill coming down the road which will clear away a whole lot of the repressive, statist lumber that Blair and Brown put in place.  No ID cards, no national database, no retaining of the DNA of people hauled in by the cops for trivial offences, a ring-fencing of trial by jury.  This is wonderful, substantive stuff.  Britain just got a whole lot more green and pleasant. None of us were expecting this. We were expecting an alliance of clenched jaws and gritted teeth and what we're getting is a chorus from Hair. I can hardly believe- grizzled anarcho-lefty that I am- that I'm cheering the doings of a Conservative Prime Minister, but then all of us- no matter where we stand on the political spectrum-  are feeling a little giddy and disorientated right now.