April 17th, 2010


Yesterday was such a lovely day I got the loungey chairs out of the shed and Ailz and I sat in our newly paved yard- under the shade of the holly bushes- and looked up at the very blue sky.  After a while she went back inside, and I dozed, with my book of crossword puzzles in my lap.

No planes flying, the economic system in meltdown, the catholic church wilting under attack, Russia and the USA agreeing to cut their nuclear arsenals, earthquakes, political ferment, Goldman Sachs getting sued for fraud- is this a freak in the time-flow- a brief cross-current- or are we living through a period of quite extraordinary change?

Victory Of The Daleks

Oh no, the daleks are back. Yawn.

But actually this was the best use of them in ages- in fact since NhoWho began. Daleks in khaki with their old kit-bags fastened round their shoulders (or is it their waists? As with Humpty Dumpty one just can't be sure) are not only cute but somehow appropriate. As Moffat said, quoting RTD, daleks are so WWII.

And by the end of the show they'd been rebooted- and are now taller, bigger and colour-coded. I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I'm actually quite looking forward to seeing them again.