April 11th, 2010

A Creeping Sense Of Unease

The Girl in the Fireplace is a near perfect thing-  a touching love story, with a sense of the cruelty of time, good jokes and some ingenious, scary monsters. Blink is wonderfully clever. The Doctor Dances makes me happy. All the stories Stephen Moffatt wrote for Who in the RTD era have a magic about them.

So far- with Moffat running the show- there have been flashes of that magic, but only flashes.  Last night's episode- The Beast Below- threw lots of cute ideas at the screen- too many for the time frame- and rushed its ending. Hit the right button and the problem is solved-  which is what happened- rather too often- under RTD. So, not so much timey-wimey as samey-wamey. And next week there will be daleks... 

Don't you think it's looking tired?