April 6th, 2010

At The End Of The Easter Bank Holiday

Normally we go a week and a day between visits to the supermarket (the idea being that one week in every seven we don't spend anything at all)- but this time- because of the Easter bank holiday- we've gone a week and three days- and we're out of bread and eggs and I've been rationing milk and potatoes. Last night I scratched together a meal of hot-cross buns, blue cheese and simnel cake.

I was on the phone to Odi last night, put down the receiver- and the front door bell rang. I reached the door in two or three strides and there was no-one on the step. I shuffled forward gingerly, in case whoever it was had hidden round the corner and was planning to leap out and attack me- and there was no-one in the yard, no-one on the street. I didn't look behind next door's hedge, or the front wall, but if it had been kids playing a prank I think they'd have given themselves away.  Very odd. So-  practical joke, mechanical malfunction or supernatural summons? You choose.

If I Twittered These Would Be Tweets

We took Odi for an ultrasound scan this morning. The child's a girl.  Peter and Odi want to give her an Italian name. I favour Seraphina.

After the hospital visit we went to Sainsburys. It's nice to own food again.

I'm unfashionably excited about the election that was called today.  How many of these things do you get in a lifetime? 15-20? Not so many, anyway. I intend to enjoy this one.