March 29th, 2010

It All Makes Work For The Working Man To Do

We have one of those showers which heats up its own water independent of the main boiler. You turn it on with  a cord that connects to a switch in the ceiling. Yesterday I pulled the cord and it came away in my hand.

I did try to fix it myself. There was a flash and a popping noise- and the fuses blew. I decided I'd better call in someone who knew what they were doing. 

This morning I showered by throwing water over myself with a saucepan.

This is going to be a week for having the workmen round. There's a plumber in the kitchen right now fixing the leaking pipe which brought down the kitchen ceiling- and this afternoon I'm expecting an electrician to fix the shower and a heating engineer  to give the boiler its annual overhaul. And then sometime today or tomorrow the builders will be arriving to start relaying the back yard.

The Earth Exhales

The ground smells sour where the tiles have been lying on it for the past 100 years. I thought I'd go dig in it and see if I could find any archaeology, but the top layer is cement and the layer under that is builders' rubble. The ivy and honeysuckle have gone from the side wall.  The workmen said they only intended to trim them back but everything just came away in their hands. I poked about in the empty bed and found a mummified rat.   Of course the roots are still there.

The robin who lives in the backyard is finding all sorts of interesting things in the debris.