February 11th, 2010


David Milliband was being interviewed by John Snow last night- and doing his best to spread icing sugar over the revelation that his government had known and gone along with the torture of detainees by American agents. Snow used the word "torture" and Milliband demurred, preferring "inhuman treatment". They're all like that these days- our leaders: lawyerly;  show 'em a hair and they split it.  Don't they see how this makes us want to throw fruit at them?

A long time ago there was a TV show called A Very British Coup, which featured- as its hero- a British prime minister- played by the very wonderful Ray MacAnally- who won the love of his people by always telling the strict truth and ' fessing up to mistakes. Would this strategy work in real life or would it- as the politicians all seem to think- be political death? We'll never know, because none of them is ever going to have the balls to try it.