January 27th, 2010

Wiping The Neighbours Off The Car

We haven't seen our neighbours since Christmas.  Before the home improvements started, Samina was telling us she'd be back in three weeks. The workmen made a start,  then stopped, leaving windows boarded up and the backyard full of debris. They're back again now. We had a few words with the fat old guy who seems to be the gaffer (and whom I'd think twice about employing) and he was grumbling about the money having run out.

There's a skip outside the front door and the fat guy has been filling it. When we spoke to him he was standing with a wheelbarrow,  several feet above the pavement, on a plank running between the skip and the garden wall. Our car is parked facing the skip and has been getting the full benefit of the filth, which, when I brushed it off, turned out to be essentially house dust-  dry, soft, grey.

Don't they saw that house dust is mainly composed of human skin? if so, it's the neighbours I'm wiping off the car- all the neighbours going back to 1910.

The fat guy likes commercial radio- and he's placed his set against the wall of the room where I sit so I can enjoy it along with him.