December 6th, 2009

Invoking The Christmas Spirit

I see-saw on the subject of Christmas. Last year I worked up so much enthusiasm for it I almost lapsed back into Christianity, this year I've been having a hard job getting into the mood. The weather doesn't help. Last year we had heavy snowfalls in early December; this year it's still mild and autumnal and we're having lots of rain.

The Christmas myth demands extreme weather- clear skies, many stars, "earth as hard as iron, water like a stone". If it isn't perishing outside all the glitter and artificial warmth we throw against the season seems like wasted ammunition.

I wonder what an Australian Christmas feels like. Really weird I should think.

Anyway, Ailz has been nudging me to put the tree up. The first time she did it I reacted with disbelief. "What, is it really that time of year again?" Then I looked at the calendar and saw that it was.

So, we made a bit of an effort. We invited Odi and Fabrizio to come round and help us put up the tree. There was loudness and bounciness and several bottles of wine were consumed.