November 3rd, 2009

The War Against Entropy

It's been raining these past few days- sometimes heavily- but the gutters haven't overflowed and the water hasn't cascaded down the wall and  the kitchen hasn't flooded- all thanks to Carl. It's nice to win a skirmish in the war against entropy.

And then there's the step lift. It stopped working in March- when an engineer walked off with the circuit board, promising to be in touch. Ailz has been ringing the council regularly. Recently, as a last resort, she enlisted the help of a Lib Dem councillor and his wife who wants to be a Lib Dem councillor. They rootled and it turns out the Council paid  £2,000 for the job- after the lift company assured them the work had been completed. Since then there has been action. The engineer came yesterday with a new circuit board- which turned out to be faulty. I was going to end on a cynical note, but since I started this post the engineer has come again- with a third circuit board- and is down in the cellar now, hard at work...