October 17th, 2009

Initially About Shopping

Ailz has gone shopping in Manchester with Odi and Azi- in a car loaded to the roof with wheeled vehicles- that's Ailz's powered scooter and a couple of wheelchairs for Fabrizio and Kyle. I could have gone too- though I'm not sure where they'd have stowed me. I don't expect them back anytime soon.

Ailz and I have very different ideas about shopping. Her idea is that you slowly cruise every aisle in every shop with a mind open to suggestion. My idea is that you nip in and buy what you have already planned to buy, then nip out again. I offer in defence of my strategy that it costs a lot less. When we're out together we effect a compromise and cruise every aisle quickly.

We did our weekly supermarket run yesterday evening. Normally we shop in the afternoon, but for once we thought we'd see if what it says on the Internet is true and our local Sainsbury's starts cutting the price of perishables by 70% from 7.00 pm. In the event it turned out to be a little bit true. We got a cooked chicken for a silly price- and a couple of French sticks- but that was all.

As we were unloading the car we got into conversation with Samina next door. She's having the builders in this autumn to make a clean sweep of everything, which means- and we're glad of it- that she's dropped her plans to move. She and her family are good neighbours. I wish we could afford to have the builders in to make a clean sweep of everything, but we can't.

Nikisha was saying our rabbits- who live the other side of the party wall from her bedroom- have been keeping her awake. I don't think that was exactly a complaint. She's still enough of a child to find the idea of a bedroom full of rabbits really cool.

I spent much of yesterday reading Agatha Christie's Endless Night.  She was in her mid 70s when she wrote it but her bold decision to narrate in the voice of a contemporary layabout (I picture the young Hywel Bennett in the role) is very largely convincing. While film and TV dramatisations of her work often play up the period nostalgia, Christie herself kept abreast of the times- and almost always set her novels in the decade in which she was writing.  Endless Night is a fine novel; It reeks of the '60s and is quite as bleak as anything by Ruth Rendell.