October 10th, 2009

The Good With The Bad

1. Carl is up a ladder, spraying poison at the moss that lives on the kitchen wall. (Sorry, moss). He leans down to tell me that the pointing is shot . He runs his finger along a seam. "It comes away," he says. "Just like sand. It shouldn't do that."

2. Odi and Azi came to tea- plus babies. I give them home-made mince pies.

3.  For tea I make potato bhajis and the tomato chutney to dip them in.

Waste Paper

As usual there's a heap of papers and envelopes beside Ailz's desk.  I pick it up to take downstairs. Flyers and catalogues go straight into the recycling bag; anything with our address on is for the shredder.

"Where does all this stuff come from," I ask, rhetorically.

"God", she says.