August 19th, 2009

For The Glory Of The Collective

When they say "Commons" they mean it.  One of my pictures had been up an hour or so when someone grabbed it, polished it a bit, reposted it- and now it shows up in his gallery not mine. I do have the option of throwing the switch and replacing his "improved" version with my original, but that would be petty, wouldn't it?

To begin with I was a little taken aback, shocked even, but I've come to terms with it. Wikimedia is a, vast, international, collaborative exercise- and anything that's thrown onto the table is immediately ownerless and can be played around with by anybody who thinks they've got the cojones.  I've done some minor editing work myself- nothing as radical as claiming someone else's picture as my own- but fiddling about with categories.  Thanks to my industry "Albert Dock, Liverpool" now appears under the bigger category "Liverpool"- which makes it a little easier to find. I'm a good worker bee.

Ah well, back to the hive...