August 12th, 2009

Listening Habits

I'm taking part in the National Radio Listening Survey for Ipsos Mori this week.  Yesterday I didn't listen to the radio at all. This evening I listened to BBC Radio 4 between 5.15  and 6.15.  

I listen to the radio when I'm cooking, otherwise hardly at all.  The reason I didn't listen yesterday is because we bought pizza- and all I had to do was tart it up a bit with pepperoni and mozzarella and stick it under the grill. Today I made a proper meal from scratch.

I like to hear voices, not music. Now I think about it, my taste reflects my parents' taste- or perhaps more properly, my father's taste because now my mother is on her own she listens to Classic FM.  When I was a kid- before we took to eating in armchairs in front of the TV- we'd listen to comedy shows over supper. Those would have been on the old BBC Light Programme I think. Coming home from my grandparents house, in the car, at the weekend, we'd go upmarket to the BBC Home Service and take in the light classical music purportedly coming from The Palm Court of the Grand Hotel and Alastair Cooke's Letter from America (much missed). During the day my mother would listen to Women's Hour (a magazine programme) and the radio soaps- Mrs Dale's Diary (now defunct) and The Archers (still nurdling on).
When I went away to boarding school I took a little tranny with me (transistor radio) and kept up with the comedy shows and (because I identified as an intellectual) started tuning in to the talk shows on the BBC 3rd Programme.

I've never listened to pop.

Ailz listens to Terry Wogan and the other witterers on Radio 2; I can't stand those guys; they all sound so bloody pleased with themselves.

Sometimes, when we're on a long car journey, we'll switch on Radio 4 and listen to whatever comes up- drama, documentaries, talk. It's invariably smart and interesting.  So why is it always the TV I put on of  an evening- even when there's nothing on that isn't silly?   It must be that I like the pretty pictures.  Not much of an excuse, really.

I've got the TV on now. It's informing me about Fishing in the South Pacific. The visuals, when I bother to turn round and watch, are gorgeous, but mostly I'm concentrating on my writing and letting it murmur away in the background.  I might just as well be listening to the radio.

This is a reconstituted and slightly augmented version of an entry I tried to post last night- only the site was down.