July 23rd, 2009

A Sudden Turnaround



I spoke to the solicitor. He's withdrawing from the case. He thinks Azam is scamming us.

It's like this. Azam wants to convert to Christianity, yes? But he knows nothing about Christianity. He's interviewed by immigration officials and he can't tell them what an apostle is or who Jesus' mother was. Even more telling, he doesn't seem to want to find out. He has an Urdu bible in his hands, but he hasn't read a word of it.

Apparently a lot of people try to pull this trick.

Anyway, he'll be going back to Pakistan. There's nothing anyone can do for him at this late stage. The case is closed.

I feel a little foolish.


And of course I'll always be left with a scintilla of doubt. Maybe he was for real and a terrible injustice has been done. I'll never know.