July 5th, 2009


I caught the end of Moonwalker yesterday. Michael has just saved the lives of three Dickensian orphans- two older boys and a little blonde girl-  by blasting an evil drug-dealer to bits.  Transformed into a starship, he zooms off into space and is intercepted by a comet which scatters stars.  The Dickensian orphans mourn him on the Dickensian streets of their Dickensian city. Then a leaf stirs in a supernatural wind and a dark silhouette is seen posing at the end of a foggy street.  It's Him!  He's back!  He tells them he couldn't leave them. There are hugs, tears.  He takes the children to the back entrance of a nightclub. The door opens and they are enveloped in billowing clouds of dry ice.  Inside the children are scared by the creepy darkness, but they needn't be.  They are greeted by an obese, pony-tailed roadie and reunited with a smelly-looking dog. The roadie escorts them to a vantage point in the wings of  the theatre.  There's a full house.  Everyone is waving glowy green sticks. And here's Michael again, in a skin-tight,  rhinestone studded uniform.  And here's his band, all punky and fetished-up. They back him through a strutting, crotch-stroking version of John Lennon's "Come Together".

You want to know what the insides of Michael Jackson's head were like?  Watch this film. 

The Men's Final

It was gruelling, and not particularly pretty- like two blokes in a John Ford movie trying to punch one another's lights out. It's always a littlle dull when games keep going with serve. At times I thought Roddick was going to win. He certainly put the work in. Federer, by contrast, hardly seemed to break sweat. In the end it came down to stamina and self belief. They were both tired, but Federer lasted longer. And maybe it's the case that sheer class will always win out over heart.  Roddick has played wonderfully this tournament. After the match he paid tribute to the former champions sitting in the Royal Box- Borg, Laver, Santana, Sampras- and said he hoped he might one day have his name join theirs on the board. If he goes on playing the way he has played this week- against Hewitt, Murray, Federer- I don't see why that shouldn't happen.