May 24th, 2009

The Next Generation Has Landed

It's five months since I started worrying away at Christianity and priesthood and all that jive. Since then I've only missed church once- and that was because we were ill or on holiday or- wait a minute- I remember- it was because there was snow on the ground. Today I missed it again. And I expect to go on missing it regularly from here on out. Ailz may keep going- and sometimes I'll walk her to the door and pick her up afterwards- but that'll be it.  I'm not sure why I went through this episode- perhaps it was to make sure I wasn't missing anything- like a vocation for instance- but it seems the moral is, "you can't go back".

Ourdert and Peter came round after the service. They're good friends and will stay that way. For the rest I trimmed some bushes and watched the conclusion of The Wire: Season #3.

And then in the evening my sis rang to tell me that Michelle had just had her baby - which makes her a granny and me a great uncle.