April 24th, 2009

An Early Start

I hate alarm clocks. I hate being suddenly jolted awake by noise of any kind. So if we set one- as we did this morning for an early appointment at the medical centre-  my inner clock sets itself too and makes sure I wake up ahead of time.

The clock was set for 8 and I woke at 7- and then had all that wide open space in which to cruise luxuriously towards full consciousness. I finally got up at 7.45- making sure I was well clear of the bedroom and already assembling breakfast by the time the alarm rang.

The smoke from the mill fire is still hanging about the streets- woody, acrid, with a hint of chemicals.   We drove down the hill and up the hill and then down the other side- but even with that much landscape between us and the site of the fire we could still smell it. What we need now is some good, gusty, April weather to clear it all away.