March 22nd, 2009

Mothering Sunday

They were giving out daffodils in church this morning. Kids with mothers were served first. I wheeled Ailz up to the step with Fabrizio on her lap to get a bunch for Ourdert. There were plenty left over and in the end the girl guides were going through the church handing them out to everyone.   

The preacher talked about the baby Moses- and how his life was saved by the women who "mothered" him. She got in a crafty point about how the Israelites were immigrants in Egypt and that's why Pharaoah ordered the killing of all the boy babies- to save Egyptian culture from being "swamped". She steered clear of the racist buzz words. I haven't. 

There was a far-right sticker- that wasn't there last week- on a post outside the church. It was taking a smack at asylum seekers. Ourdert is an asylum seeker. Someone had already given it a good scratching and I finished the job.